Learn What The Boss Doesn’t Want You To Know About Your Rights in the Workplace

by George Barron

You have rights at work – but they don’t mean a thing if you don’t know about them.

The boss understands that the less you know, the more he or she can get away with. I wrote the Secret Employee Handbook to help even the score.

If you are serious about protecting your rights, your job, your livelihood, you should read the Secret Employee Handbook. It is absolutely free.

All I ask is that you give me your email address so that I can send you the Handbook and an occasional newsletter.  You will never, ever get spam from me and I will never, ever give or sell your email address to anyone else.  Just fill out the form below.

“The Secret Employee Handbook” is not legal advice, and it is not a substitute for legal advice.  If you think that you are being treated unlawfully, read the handbook AND talk to an employment lawyer.  You can call me at (570) 824-3088 and telephone consultations are always free of charge.


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