Preparing for your Marriage Adjustment Interview

by George Barron

In marriage adjustment cases, the final step before Permanent Resident status is granted is an interview of the applicant and beneficiary, conducted by USCIS staff at the closest USCIS District Office. For residents of eastern Pennsylvania, the office is in Philadelphia.

The purpose of this interview is to determine to the satisfaction of the USCIS officer, that the marriage is genuine and was not entered into for immigration purposes. Typically, the immigration officer will interview both parties together, and may speak to each party individually with the other party out of the room. The immigration officer will ask each party questions about the other. The questions are intended to establish whether or not the parties are sufficiently acquainted and whether or not their marriage is real.

I always meet with clients to prepare for this interview, and I attend with them if they wish, although I think my attendance is rarely necessary.  USCIS will give you a list of documents to bring.  Take as many of the requrested documents as possible.  Also take anything that establishes that the two of you live together – leases, rent receipts, bills, bank account statements, letters, photographs, etc.

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