Do we need an attorney for our adjustment of status case?

by George Barron

Adjustment of status cases can appear simple, after all it’s just a matter of filling in some forms, right?

Not always.  Adjustment of status cases based upon family relationships – children, parents, spouses, etc. can be complex.  An experienced immigration attorney can help to make sure that your loved one is eligible, and can help to put forward the evidence necessary to convince USCIS to issue a green card.

But the most important reason to hire an experienced immigration attorney is because the stakes in these cases are high. In most adjustment cases, the beneficiary (the person hoping to get Permanent Residence) is out of status or will soon be out of status.  That means that if the case is denied, that person may be deported and banned from returning to the United States for up to ten years.

The most important thing an immigration attorney can do for you is help make sure that no mistakes are made. Considering the consequences that a mistake can have, it always makes sense to get professional help with your adjustment case.

You should always talk to an experienced immigration attorney before taking on USCIS by yourself.

My office is in Wilkes Barre, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  However, because immigration is exclusively federal and not state law, I can represent clients in immigration cases nationwide.

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